After five years of hard work, The Online Safety Bill has finally passed.

We’ve been calling for this since 2018, making sure children’s voices were heard throughout.
To celebrate, we wanted to look back on our journey of transforming the online world for children and young people.


APRIL 2018
46,000 signatures
We launch our petition. In June 2018, backed by 46,000 supporters, government commits to making the online world safer.
JAN 2020
11,000 supporters
11,000 of our supporters email their MP. We reach every MP in Parliament.
MAY 2021
Young people prioritised
The draft Bill includes that tech companies should have a duty of care to their young users.
SEPT 2021
41,000 signatures
41,000 supporters ask the Secretary of State to make the Bill stronger to protect children online.
MARCH 2022
The Bill’s journey starts
Online Safety Bill starts its journey to the House of Commons.
JULY 2022
MPs speak up for children
Young people and those impacted by online harms meet with MPs at our event MPs speak up on their behalf in Parliament.
OCT 2022
48,000 signatures
48,000 supporters, and those affected by online harms, urge Rishi Sunak to bring back the Online Safety Bill.
NOV 2022
Young People have their say
Young people meet with Peers to discuss having their voices at the heart of the Bill. Peers champion children's voices in future debates.
JAN 2023
Campaign win!
We work with MPs and secure an amendment to make tech bosses criminally responsible if children are harmed.
JULY 2023
Responsible tech
The Bill is amended in the House of Lords. Children get extra protections from abuse and harmful content.
SEPT 2023
Final countdown
We keep the pressure on – MPs and supporters come together to make sure the Bill is passed. Those affected by abuse share their stories.

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